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063 – Vacant Erf with House Plans

This property is currently just a vacant erf on Rossmund but can soon be your new home! Features: The features[…]


078 – Absolutely No Hallways!

This magnificent home is in the perfect area and it has absolutely no hallways! Features: This magnificent double storey home[…]


021 – Oldie in the Perfect Spot!

This house is on the older side but is on the perfect spot. Features: The main house features 2 bedrooms[…]


349 – Townhouse with Potential

This townhouse is close to the centre of town and has a lot of potential. Features: This unit has 2[…]


344 – Ideal for a Family with Kids

This home is on a very big erf which allows for lots of yard space. Features: The house features 3[…]


334 – Fit for a King

This house is suitable for a king. Features: This duplex home has many facets and features. The ground floor of[…]


339 – 2 Units 1 Home

The house’s design allows 2 separate units. Features: In all the property features 2 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. There are[…]


347 – Loft Apartment

Perfectly located apartment situated in the old town and withing walking distance to popular restaurants and coffee shops.  This unit[…]


329 – Central Apartment for Sale

This apartment is in a central complex close to shops and the main beach. Features: The apartment features 2 bedrooms[…]


308 – Open-Plan Townhouse For Sale!

This townhouse is in Kramersdorf and has a nice open plan design. Features: The townhouse has 3 bedrooms with 2[…]


305 – Growing Potential

This stunning home has the potential to expand as the foundations are strong enough. Features: This home features 3 bedrooms[…]


228 – Third Of It’s Kind

This house is one of 3 almost identical homes. Features: This house features 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. The living[…]


108 – Townhouses for Sale

These townhouses are in Kramersdorf. Features: Each townhouse features 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms.  The kitchen, living room and dining[…]


277 – Central apartment for Sale!

This apartment is close to the centre of town and walking distance to shops. Features: The apartment has 2 bedrooms[…]


264 – Warehouse for Sale!!

Neat and Brand new warehouse for sale! Features: This building features a warehouse area of 500 m². There is an[…]


258 – Warehouse For Sale!

This warehouse is new and neat. Features: The building  features the main warehouse area that is ± 404 m² and[…]


303 – Duplex Townhouse in Mile 4

Features: Lovely Duplex townhouse with 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. The ground floor has an open plan kitchen and[…]


242 – Spacious and Modern with Sea View!

This gorgeous duplex townhouse is basically a full house. Features: The ground floor of this property features  a TV room,[…]


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